First self inflatable
chair in the world


SEATZAC™ is the leading brand in Europe when it comes down to air loungers.

Most people loved our SeatZac 1.0 but the feedback we got of our product and traditional air loungers in general, is that people are not able to fill it very easy. Therefore we developed a patented and integrated air pump (MR E-ZY) that can help you quickly inflate our SeatZac products within 60 seconds. From now on you don’t need a lot of space and wind anymore to fill the SeatZac. Because of this improvement, the SeatZac is no longer only an outdoor product for the summer, but also a great product to use indoor all year round.

Once your SeatZac is fully inflated the MR E-ZY is even capable to charge your mobile phone or other devices because of the internal power bank.

With our ergonomic curve design, the SeatZac is giving you great support to your back and neck when you sit down. It is very stable and not easy to roll over


E-ZY Lounger™

The most comfortable Self Inflatable chill bag in the world! Just one simple touch of a button and you can chill, relax and lay back wherever you want!

How it works